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Working While Black: Black Baby Boomers Discuss Working Amidst Racial Trauma in Current News Part II

We conclude our Working While Black series on The Generational View this week with the second part of our conversation with Black Baby Boomers. Thank you for coming on this thought-provoking journey these past few weeks. In this episode, we talk about generations, and you’ll hear our guests’ perspective on how their generation and other generations show up in the fight for racial equity. Our Guests Dr. Angela Wheeler is an accomplished Family Medicine and Sports Medicine Physician and was one of 10 physicians selected to support the U.S. Olympic team in Sydney Australia. Ben Harrigan is Director in Market Risk Management for a large financial institution. He’s the father of two Gen Zers-- age 18 and age 15. What you will hear in this episode: How being a generally non-vocal generation presents a unique challenge in how they fight racial inequity at work (43:03) Their response to claims from Millennials and Gen Zers that perhaps they are not bold enough in the fight for racial equity in the workplaces where they’ve now amassed a  degree of influence and power. (46:12) How they bridge the generational gaps in their own communities and workplaces (58:24) The characteristics of the generations that follow them that give them hope in the fight for racial equity (1:03:19)

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