Can Covid-19's legacy aid the fight against other, more neglected diseases?

The task of quickly designing and clinically testing Covid-19 vaccines has now given way to the formidable challenge of distributing them. The remarkable speed with which the Covid-19 vaccines were created shows how quickly medical breakthroughs can take place when funds and resources are pooled. But many diseases don’t receive such attention. Can Covid-19’s legacy help to eliminate other, more neglected diseases? Or is the system broken at its core? This January, Mark Rowe explores the subject in an extended dossier. Plus, we speak to contributor Tommy Trenchard, to hear about his work in the Comoros Islands. This tiny archipelago off the east coast of Africa dominates the world's supply of the ylang-ylang essential oil . But dominance comes at a cost. His feature in January's issue of Geographical offers an astonishing picture of a group of farmers and distillers whose livelihoods depend on the volatile markets of the Western world. Links:Subscribe: Newsletter:  Simon Paisley-Day:

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