The power of oysters to save the seas; and the impact of industrial fishing

This August, we turn our attention to a much-loved shellfish, well-known for its remarkable flavour – the oyster. Perhaps less well known however, is the role it plays in marine ecosystems. As overfishing has combined with modern environmental problems, the oysters’ crucial role in seabed ecosystems around the world has gradually been eroded and forgotten with time. One ambitious project, set in Essex – the heart of UK oyster culture – is aiming to restore living oyster reefs to the seabed. Actor Simon Paisley-Day narrates the long-read this month. In the second half of the episode, we speak with Dr Ruth Thurstan, Senior Lecturer in Marine Social-Ecological Systems at the University of Exeter. She talks us through how the industrialisation of fishing has impacted marine ecosystems.Links:Subscribe: Newsletter: on instagram: Geographical on twitter: Thurstan: Simon Paisley-Day: 

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