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9: Ciara O'Malley - Part 2 - Searching For David

This week on The Good Glow podcast I continue my conversation with Ciara O'Malley. This is a 2 part episode. Last week Ciara spoke to me about her boyfriend David Gavin. They moved to Canada in 2017 and were settling into their new life in Vancouver. They made lots of friends and David joined a local GAA club. On the weekend of Ciara's birthday David travelled to a game and on the way the team stopped by a lake to cool down. David jumped into the lake, briefly came back up to wave to his friends before he was pulled back under and never resurfaced. Ciara rushed to the lake to help in the search for David and soon she was joined by her family and David's family. We pick up the story days after David went missing. His friends and family have gathered at the lake as they desperately search for his body. I am leaving details here for the Samaritans. Call 116 123 or connect for help HERE This podcast is brought to you in partnership with Spotlight Oral Care. Use the discount code GOODGLOW25 on to get 25% off the entire range. Follow me on Instagram at Georgie.Crawford Or head over to my website

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The Good Glow podcast will hear how Georgie Crawford put her life back together after a breast cancer diagnosis that changed her perspective on everything. Georgie feels there is a need for people to have more in depth conversations about our health and well being in order to drive awareness of self care. Georgie speaks to wellness advocates and inspirational people whose stories will motivate you to make positive change.