Our Breast & Bottle Feeding Experiences

Eilidh, Lauren and Ash share with you their experiences of breast and bottle feeding. Joining the girls to share his knowledge and to give you a fascinating insight into feeding (plus to burst a few myths) is founder & CEO of Kendamil Ross McMahon. The Good Motherhood Podcast: Instagram | Facebook Sponsored by Kendamil. You can also find us online at www.thegoodmotherhoodpodcast.com Eilidh Wells | Lauren Kerr | Ash Reid Produced by TEN10 Podcasts. Disclaimer: Most healthcare professionals agree breastfeeding is preferable to bottle feeding because it has many benefits for both you and your baby. If you are considering changing from breastfeeding or combining breast and bottle feeding, please speak to your midwife or health visitor first.

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The Good Motherhood with Eilidh Wells, Lauren Kerr and Ash Reid talk on their podcast of births, babies and of all things motherhood and real life. They are the pals in your pocket, that you can pick up and listen to at anytime. Instagram: @thegoodmotherhoodpodcast Sponsored by Kendamil (www.kendamil.com/tgm) Produced by TEN10 Podcasts (www.ten10podcasts.com)