School Drama, Floating Downstairs and Back Seat Snails!

What wasn't discussed in this episode? Eilidh, Lauren and Ash share with you all the school drama, eating out with the kids, question if they are conditioned to Disney as well as a little bit of karaoke. What's not to enjoy with The Good Motherhood? The Good Motherhood Podcast: Instagram | Facebook This episode is sponsored and produced by TEN10 Podcasts. You can also find us online at Eilidh Wells | Lauren Kerr | Ash Reid

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The Good Motherhood with Eilidh Wells, Lauren Kerr and Ash Reid talk on their podcast of births, babies and of all things motherhood and real life. They are the pals in your pocket, that you can pick up and listen to at anytime. Instagram: @thegoodmotherhoodpodcast Sponsored by Kendamil ( Produced by TEN10 Podcasts (