How can we stay creative and curious?

How can we stay creative and curious? In this week's episode, Deborah, Eloise and Hugo share the incredible inventions of the world that only happened because the inventors were curious. They also speak with the amazing Laura Brand, also known as Joy Journal, on some of her own inventions such as squishy soap which is keeping her and her children staying creative at home.

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Hosted by award-winning podcaster Deborah James and her two children Eloise and Hugo, The Good Stuff pod is here to see families through the next 8 weeks of staying in and staying positive. Each Monday, Deborah, Eloise and Hugo will investigate the research around the ‘good stuff’ covering questions such as how does music boost your mood? Why should we look after the animals on our planet? And what does kindness look like in different countries around the world? Each Thursday will be a "good news only" channel, sharing good news sent in from you guys at home, as well as exciting stories of positive news from around the world.