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GDFM ep. 8: We All Shot Stuff Once

av The Good, The Dan, The Florida Man | Publicerades 5/1/2021

Episode 8 of The Good, The Dan, The Florida man! The guys talk about their most memorable times shooting guns! Ryan almost dies, Dan almost dies, and Ben wishes that he did! (in that moment, he's okay now!) Silly Question: Toilet paper, over or under? Ryan's Ridiculous History: THE BOOM SCOOTER! Dan's LGBT-Q for the Straights: Have you ever used a loofah? Do you wash your feet? Do you shave your butt? ----Pod Team---- The Good: @Youth Pastor Ryan The Dan: @Daniel Spencer The Florida Man: @Ben Brainard ----Links---- Website: gdfmpodcast.com/ Facebook: Facebook.com/gdfmpodcast Instagram: Instagram.com/gdfmpodcast Twitter: twitter.com/gdfmpodcast Tiktok: tiktok.com/@gdfmpodcast

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A weekly comedy podcast in which The Good (Ryan Kelly,) The Dan (Dan Spencer,) and the Florida Man (Ben Brainard) share stories, discuss the news, and learn a lot about each other!