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Can Mushrooms Save the World? Circular Food Systems + Local Empowerment with Chido Govera (Zimbabwe) | Ep. 9

av The Great Full | Publicerades 3/1/2021

My guest on the show today is the phenomenal Chido Govera, founder of The Future of Hope Foundation in Zimbabwe. Inspired by her own life experience, Chido started taking action at a very young age to empower women and orphans through growing mushrooms to build healthy food systems.Chido is a transformative leader with an insatiable hunger for change. She shares her insights on issues such as gender inequality, power imbalances in food production, environmental and social issues in Zimbabwe and why she believes mushrooms will help save the world.During our conversation we chat about:- The impact of the Future of Hope Foundation- Why mushrooms are at the center of their work and how she believes they can change the world- How we can stop the commodification of vulnerable people- How improving food security creates greater independence for women-  How resilience and diverse food production are connected- What she learned during the lockdown in Zimbabwe- The importance of creating programs locally using local materials and local knowledge- What responsible leadership is and why we need it- Her personal story and how this gave her a hunger to lead changeFurther information:Find more information about The Future of Hope Foundation here: out how you can contribute to their work here: You can follow them on Instagram @tfohf To watch the film Fantastic Fungi: more information about other offerings at The Great Full to help you eat, live and lead for a more sustainable world, check out: If you are interested in food and sustainability and what you can do to create change, you might like The Great Full cookbook: Looking for support in your journey to lead change? Check out the leadership coaching opportunities at The Great Full: The Great Full on Instagram:’t want to miss an episode of The Great Full podcast? Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!

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