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Gut Health and Finding Balance with Sandra Mikhail | Ep. 4

av The Great Full | Publicerades 11/20/2020

Sandra Mikhail, clinical dietitian and founder of Nutrition A-Z, joins me on the podcast today. We chat about why and how to improve your gut health, Sandra’s foundational practices for overall wellbeing and the danger of misinformation on social media. She also shares insights on the interface between nutrition, health and sustainability and what motivates her and gives her purpose in her work.On the show we talk about:-        How Sandra got into the field of nutrition and gut health-        How diet, gut health and mental health are connected-        The four pillars of wellbeing that guide her work and life-        Two simple tweaks to support your gut health -        The role of fiber in our bodies-        How stress can manifest physically-        The difference between prebiotics and probiotics-        The health misinformation on social media-        The interface between health and sustainability-        The nuances of sustainable eating-        Common challenges people face when transitioning to a plant-based diet-        How Sandra found the courage and support to start her own practice-        What fuels her motivation and purpose-        Her practices to deal with stress and overwhelm-        What a great and full life means for herFurther information:For more information on Nutrition A-Z: can also find her on Instagram @nutritionaz_by_sandramikhail , on Twitter and Facebook @NutritionAZFor more information about other offerings at The Great Full to help you eat, live and lead for a more sustainable world, check out: If you are interested in food and sustainability and what you can do to create change, you might like The Great Full cookbook: Follow The Great Full on Instagram:’t want to miss an episode of The Great Full podcast? Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! 

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