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Leading Change from the Inside Out - Be The Change Program Participants | Ep. 7

av The Great Full | Publicerades 1/11/2021

Today I have a special episode of the podcast for you! Applications are now open for a program I run called Be The Change. It is a 4 month online leadership and group coaching program for aspiring women leaders who want to contribute to a more sustainable world through their work, while living a life that is fulfilling and personally sustainable. Over the 4 months together we explore how we can lead sustainable change, how that starts with you, what your unique role can be and how to make your contribution in a way that also supports your own wellbeing.In case you are considering to join us for the next round, I thought you might like to hear directly from past participants how they found the program, the impact it had on them and what surprised them about the experience. So, in this episode, I am speaking to some of the women (coming from Switzerland, Brazil, the UK, Morocco, Zimbabwe and the USA) who have just finished the program to learn how it has supported them to lead change from the inside out. For more information on the Be The Change program and how to apply please are accepted on a rolling basis starting from 11 January 2021. The program starts on 15th February 2021.

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