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#113 - 7 principles to organize your job search

av The Greenhouse Podcast | Publicerades 5/26/2021

What major challenge do most job seekers face?Staying motivated!We hear this over and over again from members inside our community: whether it's balancing a current job or the demands they face as a parent - staying focused in the job search is difficult.So how do you stay motivated when you're looking to land your next job? You learn to plan and organize your week!It may sound simple, but it's effective. Today on The Greenhouse Podcast, Sundie talks about the 7 principles to planning out your week as a job seeker, and why it's important to your overall mental, emotional, and physical health.  Listen in!/////SHOW NOTES:Learn how to develop your Personal Brand StatementComparablyHuntr.coJoin The Greenhouse Network!

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