11. The Challenges of Pregnancy After Infertility w/ Aimee Baron

What does it mean to have “infertility”? Why is pregnancy after infertility challenging? How can you support someone close to you who finds themselves in this situation? What is the roller coaster of emotions that those who struggled to become pregnant commonly feel when they finally see those 2 pink lines (or get a positive beta test)? What are ways to cope through this tumultuous time? Dr. Aimee Baron's extensive experience - both work and personal - lends itself to a thorough exploration of these questions.    Dr. Aimee Baron MD, FAAP is the founder and executive director of I Was Supposed To Have a Baby, a nonprofit organization that utilizes social media to support Jewish individuals and families as they are struggling to have a child. It provides a warm and nurturing space for those going through infertility, pregnancy loss, infant loss, surrogacy or adoption, in addition to connecting those families to resources in the Jewish community at large.   Dr. Baron was formerly the Director of Innovation and Growth at Nechama Comfort, and has also worked as an attending pediatrician in the newborn nursery and neonatal intensive care unit at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital before taking a leave of absence after her third miscarriage. You can find I Was Supposed to Have a Baby on Instagram and on their website.        To continue the conversation, and learn more about similar topics, check out the Yoledet Academy Instagram community.   Links for this episodes sponsors:   7th Day Shine - natural, chemical and paraben free makeup specially formulated for permissible application on Shabbos. Use code “BIRTHWAY10” for 10% off your purchase. Find them on Instagram.   Elys & Co. - beautiful and high quality baby bedding and layette line. Use code “BW10” for 10% off your purchase. Find them on Instagram and Facebook.    Check out the Yoledet Picks Amazon Storefront to find any of the products mentioned in this episode, and discover Chanie’s other favorites.   If you like what you hear and want to help more people discover this show, here's what you can do to help us grow: 1. Rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcasts. 2. Subscribe to this show on whichever podcast app you listen. Ex: hit the button "follow" right under the cover art on Spotify. Plus - you'll never miss another episode. 3. Be a good friend and spread the wealth of knowledge! You never know how this will improve someone's life.  Did you know that you can listen on your web browser too? Just hit this link and share it with your friends - no special apps needed.

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Are you a first time pregnant mom and scared out of your mind? Having your second and don't want to go through the same birth trauma as your first? Doubting the quality of your maternity care? Trying to sort between real and fake pregnancy advice? Want to know how you can get hospital staff on board with your birth plan, even if it doesn't fit in with hospital policy? Feeling lost and wishing you knew more about pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, & how to take care newborns? I'm an L&D nurse who reveals insider secrets that you won't learn in your standard childbirth education course. A healthy mom and healthy baby just don't cut it - we also need a happy mom. I interview experts and listen to birth stories. Being an Orthodox Jew, I also talk about the influence of Judaism on the reproductive experience. This show spans way beyond pregnancy and birth. We talk about sex, birth control, birth trauma, perinatal mental health, postpartum realities, breastfeeding, sleep training, diet culture, infertility, realities of our healthcare system, Jewish law, and so much more. The information here is not intended to give you medical advice or replace the care of a qualified healthcare provider.