13. Qualities To Look For In An Obstetric Provider w/ Dr. Nathan Fox

Choosing a doctor or midwife is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make during your pregnancy. What qualities should you look for in an obstetrician to determine whether they are both competent and the right fit for you? To what extent does their “bedside manner” matter in the quality of care that they provide? What are the pros and cons of a solo provider vs. a group practice. Should you see one provider from the group continuously to develop a strong relationship with them or should you meet each one a few times? What happens when you like one provider from the group but not another one? Can you transfer to another provider and what is the latest in your pregnancy that you can do so? What might be reasons that someone would want to transfer from one provider to another? Dr. Fox answers all of these questions and more.     Dr. Nathan Fox is an OBGYN and  Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist. He is a Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai and a managing partner at MFM Associates and Carnegie Imaging for Women in New York City. Dr. “Natie” is also the creator and host of the Healthful Woman Podcast and the High Risk Birth Stories Podcast. He is from Chicago and lives in Englewood. When not practicing medicine, you can find him running, swimming, practicing hot vinyasa yoga, or embarrassing his wife and four children.  Or most likely, walking the dogs.   To continue the conversation, and learn more about similar topics, check out the Yoledet Academy Instagram community.   Promo codes for this episode’s sponsors:   7th Day Shine - natural, chemical and paraben free makeup specially formulated for permissible application on Shabbos. Use code “BIRTHWAY10” for 10% off your purchase. Find them on Instagram.   Elys & Co. - beautiful and high quality baby bedding and layette line. Use code “BW10” for 10% off your purchase. Find them on Instagram and Facebook.    Check out the Yoledet Picks Amazon Storefront to find any of the products mentioned in this episode, and discover Chanie’s other favorites.   If you like what you hear and want to help more people discover this show, here's what you can do to help us grow: 1. Rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcasts. 2. Subscribe to this show on whichever podcast app you listen. Ex: hit the button "follow" right under the cover art on Spotify. Plus - you'll never miss another episode. 3. Be a good friend and spread the wealth of knowledge! You never know how this will improve someone's life.  Did you know that you can listen on your web browser too? Just hit this link and share it with your friends - no special apps needed.

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