Wendy Snyder - The Strong Willed Child

If you have a wild, spirited, strong willed kid, this episode is for you!  Instead of constantly fighting with your child, what if you could learn how to harness the superpower of having a strong will? Parent educator and coach Wendy Snyder has learned how to raise a strong willed child with integrity (and sanity!) based on her own experience. On today's episode, you'll hear:  3:20 She came out of the womb strong willed! 5:20 If you describe your child as demanding, insistent, bossy, fixated, rebellious…  7:30 These strong willed leaders helped me see my daughter differently  8:20 Strong willed kids need to have their power bucket filled  9:45 Do this to prevent power struggles  11:20 When your kid wants to have a pop-up business  13:50 Try this language when your child doesn’t do what they are supposed to do  17:00 How do I break generational struggles? How can I stop yelling at my kids?  20:30 Doing things differently than how I was brought up  24:00 When you have a strong willed kid, the degree of difficulty is so much higher  26:00 You’re living in this way that feels good - you’re making a positive change  27:30 How is your strong willed child now that she’s a teenager?  30:45 When your kids are hiding things…what if they are not trustworthy? 32:00 How has surfing helped you as a mom? Wendy Snyder is the founder of Fresh Start Family offering online seminars, coaching, courses & a membership program to give parents the support and tools they need to raise their children. Wendy obtained her BS in Marketing from San Diego State University and Parenting Certification from the International Network for Children & Families.  Check out her free online power struggles class at freshstartfamilyonline.com Get Arlene's free monthly resource, The Gratitude Workout - 10 ways to build the muscle of thanksgiving in your child's life at happyhomeuniversity.com The Happy Home is sponsored in part by Dwell Bible App. Save 30% off Dwell for Life at DwellApp.io/HappyHome.

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