Episode 9 - The unwelcome air freshener

AKA 'I value your advice more than your money', AKA 'I've also got some coffee on my bum', AKA 'Can you mime a dance?' They're back!! It's been a whole week since you had your weekly Harry and Chris top up (unless you've been to one of our gigs). Featuring intro, call-ins, Chris' shower thought(s), a visit from #katyperry, alcoholic ice cream and performance enhancing placebos. They said it couldn't get any better. Were they right? Let us know. You are they.

Om Podcasten

Hands up who's looking for their new favourite podcast! Weekly shenanigans and hijinks from comedy/music/poetry upstarts and award winners Harry and Chris, in the form of games, challenges, jokes, musics, learnings and fun!