Prayed Upon, Breaking Free From Therapist Abuse with Amy Nordhues

*Trigger warning: Talk of Sexual abuse On today's episode I sat down with Amy Nordhues, author and survivor of both childhood sexual abuse and sexual abuse as an adult at the hands of a mental health professional. Her story is detailed in her book “Prayed Upon, Breaking Free From Therapist Abuse.” During our conversation Amy touches on some of the following: The inner workings of the abuse process of adult victims  -How past childhood trauma can make an adult vulnerable to predators -Understanding how an otherwise functional adult can be duped provides much needed healing for the victim and aides loved ones in providing support -Recognizing and bringing “into the light” the defective beliefs that are causing victims to doubt their own realities and become ensnared by abusers and more. Thank you so much Amy for sharing your vulnerable and personal experiences with the world in hopes of helping others feel less alone and more empowered. Watch the episode on video on YouTube Thank you for your sponsorship as it helps to keep this podcast going. Link to purchase Amy's book Amy's website: Monique’s website

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