Boundaries As a Blessing

Let's talk about what to do when someone slides into your DMs to ask for free support. I was recently doing a call with my Sell With Heart mastermind ladies and this issue came up. One of my clients asked, "What do I do after someone is a paying client, they stop working with me, but they still pop into my email inbox to ask for help?" They're probably not doing this in a malicious way, they likely just need help. I get this question all the time, so I wanted to be make a full episode about it, and I hope it will help you! Visit this episode's blog post here >>

Om Podcasten

Welcome to The Heart Centered Entrepreneur Podcast, hosted by Anna Rapp. I want you to live in abundance in your business, happiness, and the impact you make. I'm here to help you build your business with proven tips and mindset hacks that will ultimately help you make more money with heart.