POV: Coaching Session with Anna

Hi, friend, welcome to my coaching office! Little did you know that when you hit play on this podcast episode, you signed up for an absolutely free coaching session with me right now, here in real time. You know that I've shared excerpts from live coaching sessions with clients before and let you be a fly on the while, but what I've never done is coached YOU. This episode is a 15-minute session where I treat you just like I do a coaching client and asking you questions. Put on your creative, imaginative hat for a bit and see what it would be like. Visit this episode's blog post here >> www.heartcenteredentrepreneur.com/podcast/pov-coaching-session-with-anna

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Welcome to The Heart Centered Entrepreneur Podcast, hosted by Anna Rapp. I want you to live in abundance in your business, happiness, and the impact you make. I'm here to help you build your business with proven tips and mindset hacks that will ultimately help you make more money with heart.