Mnuchin’s World

Who is Steven Mnuchin? He somehow manages to fly under the radar, but as Treasury Secretary he has tremendous power. How did a man with no record of public service and the nickname “the “Foreclosure King” become the guy in charge of America’s money? The answer? This is how power works in Trump’s America.

Om Podcasten

Season 2 of The Heist explores the racial wealth gap in America, how banks have contributed to this disparity, and one woman’s quest to narrow it in her hometown. From the Center for Public Integrity and Transmitter Media, the second season of The Heist kicks off Feb. 22, 2022. Text GAP with each episode to get photos video, stories and more right your phone. Our award-winning first season of The Heist explored the story of a huge political swindle, how it happened, and how power worked in a Donald Trump presidency. Reporters spent months behind the scenes: we get to know a big Republican donor, a senator who caves to political pressure, and the enigmatic Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, who led the charge for these laws.