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Biohack Your Brain and Body with Wellness Expert Joe DiStefano

Joe DiStefano is a wellness expert, public speaker, and podcaster who empowers people to develop a holistic and sustainable approach to their health. As the co-founder of RUNGA, a company that offers online coaching and organizes immersive wellness events, Joe focuses on helping people build healthy habits and encourages them to adopt a more natural and ancestral lifestyle that aims to put back what modern life has taken away. Today, Joe shares his top biohacks, and we delve into how to build foundational fitness and optimize our health and longevity by becoming more aware of our breath, prioritizing our sleep, and paying attention to what we eat and drink.

Om Podcasten

Welcome to The High-Performance Zone. A podcast dedicated to achieving high performance and fearless success. From business and relationships, to teamwork and strategy, The High-Performance Zone covers every area relevant to your life. Hosted by John Foley, a global leader in keynote speeches, founder of the Glad To Be Here foundation, and the previous lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels.