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Hit Hard, Have Fun, and Play Fair with Justin Bookey

This week on the High-Performance Zone podcast, I’m excited to introduce you to award-winning content creator, community engagement leader, and world-class table tennis player Justin Bookey. Justin has worn many hats throughout his career; he’s been a lawyer, a marketing strategist, and a filmmaker, but he’s currently focusing on his role as CEO and Chairman of PongFit, a nonprofit that promotes fitness and community through ping pong. As a former competitive table tennis player, Justin sees the world through the filter of what he’s learned from training with Olympians as well as from his decades-long experience of collaborating with innovative leaders in the corporate environment. He’s super-passionate about ping pong, and he’s currently working on a book, provisionally titled The Twenty Principles of Pong, in which he shares the lessons he’s learned from both business and sport.

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