#103 - Adam Blanning, MD: On Anthroposophical Medicine, Embracing Fever, and the Future of Integrative Medicine

Like many people in the hospital system, I couldn’t shake the feeling that there must be more I could be doing to help. But what if we could improve that system? Not replace it but integrate it into a more whole-person approach. Anthroposophic medicine is a patient-focused integrative medical system, and it can be very validating for those who feel like something's been missing. Here to explore its history and application is Dr. Adam Blanning. I encourage you to approach this conversation with an open heart. Adam has incredible insights into how we can reimagine the human experience and heal the person through the lens of the fourfold human being. (00:09:17) Deepening the Healer’s Toolkit (00:17:47) Anthroposophic Medicine (00:30:27) The Role of Plant Study (00:38:46) Working Through Warmth & Fever (01:04:06) The Fourfold Human Being (01:11:58) Reflections on Consciousness & Remedies Visit the show notes for more: https://www.BelovedHolistics.com/103 Made possible by: FullWell - code BELOVED10 for 10% off the best prenatal vitamins and men's virility vitamins on the planet! BIRTHFIT - code BELOVED to get one month FREE in their B! Community! BiOptimizers - code BELOVED for 10% off the only sleep aid supplement you'll ever need! Immune Intel AHCC - code BELOVED10 for 10% off their incredible immune-boosting product to balance your adrenals and clear HPV from your body! Organifi - code BELOVED for 20% off their Gold Chocolate Latte! "A healthy hot chocolate!" Connect with Dr. Adam Blanning Denver Center for Anthroposophic Therapies Physicians' Association for Anthroposophic Medicine Connect with me Instagram @nathanrileyobgyn TikTok @nathanrileyobgyn Beloved Holistics Shop BelovedHolistics.com Medical Disclaimer: The Holistic OBGYN Podcast is an educational program. No information conveyed through this podcast should be construed as medical advice. These conversations are available to the public for educational and entertainment purposes only. Music provided by EdvardGaresPremium / Pond5 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theholisticobgyn/message

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