#104 - JW Ross: On an Elixir that Supports Focus, Calm, and Sex

Throughout history, cultures around the world have used different solutions for social lubrication. And while many of us have been socialized to think that alcohol is the best way to relieve social awkwardness and have a good time, it comes with many negative unintended consequences. So, what’s the alternative? That’s a question that Botanic Tonics founder, and today’s guest, JW Ross, set out to answer. After struggling with alcohol addiction, JW wanted to find a solution for his social awkwardness that wouldn’t have detrimental effects on his body. He deeply researched the plants used by different societies worldwide, and that’s when he learned about kava. Where alcohol amplifies you, kava calms you down. Since trying JW’s Feel Free Wellness Tonic, it’s become a crucial part of my daily self-care and something I recommend to many clients. It’s one of the few products I’ve found that sustain me, help me rebalance my nervous system, and show up in the world in alignment and integrity.  (00:09:50) Work Hard, Play Hard (00:14:38) Taking Advantage of the New Brain (00:19:33) Social Lubricants (00:36:56) Experimenting With Kava (00:50:38) Getting Started with Kava Visit the show notes for more: https://www.BelovedHolistics.com/104 Made possible by: FullWell - code BELOVED10 for 10% off the best prenatal vitamins and men's virility vitamins on the planet! BIRTHFIT - code BELOVED to get one month FREE in their B! Community! BiOptimizers - code BELOVED for 10% off the only sleep aid supplement you'll ever need! Organifi - code BELOVED for 20% off their Gold Chocolate Latte! "A healthy hot chocolate!" Try Feel Free: BotanicTonics.com - use code BELOVED40 to save 40% Connect with me Instagram @nathanrileyobgyn TikTok @nathanrileyobgyn Beloved Holistics Shop BelovedHolistics.com Medical Disclaimer: The Holistic OBGYN Podcast is an educational program. No information conveyed through this podcast should be construed as medical advice. These conversations are available to the public for educational and entertainment purposes only. Music provided by EdvardGaresPremium / Pond5 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theholisticobgyn/message

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