#89 - Jessica Pin: "I Consented to Labiaplasty, and Things Went Wrong”

As a young lady, Jessica Pin started googling around the internet about the clitoris, as a young lady does. During her search, labiaplasty ads began appearing advertising the “optimal” vulvar appearance, which made her concerned that perhaps she was unlike other girls. She sought out a surgeon, who was a renowned OBGYN in TX, and he agreed to perform her surgery. The surgeon amputated her labia minora, which was not what she had asked of him. The surgeon also took the liberty to remove some of her clitoral hood, unknowingly leaving her without clitoral innervation. If this story is confronting, it should be. Why are women seeking labiaplasty? Who decides what the “ideal vulva” looks like? Should a surgeon operate in an area without understanding the region’s innervation? What happened to informed consent? All of this and more in this very wide-ranging conversation. [00:00:54] What constitutes informed consent? [00:10:24] Inadequate Medical Training [00:24:28] The Road to Labia Shame [00:34:22] Appreciating Diversity of the Labia [00:49:43] Non-Surgical Options for Addressing Physical Complaints [00:56:15] Lack of Informed Consent [01:10:36] Synergy of Stimulation and Desire [01:16:23] The Fight Against Self-Advocacy Visit the show notes for resources, links mentioned, and more: BelovedHolistics.com/podcast/jessicapin Made possible by: Organifi - use our code BELOVED for 20% off their green and red juice for a natural boost to your energy and mood! BiOptimizers - use our code beloved10 for 10% off Mag Breakthrough plus free gut health goodies! Jessica: Instagram @jessica_ann_pin | TikTok @jessica_ann_pin | Twitter @MediClit | Blog: jessica86.medium.com Find me: Instagram @nathanrileyobgyn | TikTok @nathanrileyobgyn | My Practice: BelovedHolistics.com Medical Disclaimer: The Holistic OBGYN Podcast is an educational program. No information conveyed through this podcast should be construed as medical advice. These conversations are available to the public for educational and entertainment purposes only. Music provided by EdvardGaresPremium / Pond5 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theholisticobgyn/message

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