#95 - Emily Greene: The Spirit of Your Baby is Waiting to Enter Your Womb

The opportunity to connect with your baby’s soul energy starts long before conception. Today’s special guest, Emily Greene, is a Psychic Medium and Spirit Baby Medium who has a beautiful ability to put clear language to something that is otherwise abstract. With her connection to spirit, Emily has helped many women conceive by opening their awareness to their innate intuitive abilities and connecting them to the souls of their children, past, present, and future. In our conversation, we explore the transformation that spirit babies are meant to bring in our lives, how you can start communicating with your spirit baby, and why conscious conception matters. [00:10:21] Finding Your Voice [00:12:34] Emily’s Reawakening [00:20:04] Spirit Baby Work [00:31:36] Working with Plant Medicine [00:35:30] Embodiment of the Essence [00:41:13] Full Sensory Perception [00:48:00] Intuitive & Psychic Development [00:55:14] Conscious Conception [01:08:18] Calling In Your Spirit Baby [01:22:23] Spiritual Blocks to Conception [01:30:49] Learn More & Connect with Emily Visit the show notes for more: https://www.BelovedHolistics.com/95 Made possible by: FullWell - use our code BELOVED10 for 10% off their high-quality prenatal vitamins! Organifi - use our code BELOVED for 20% off their green and red juice for a natural boost to your energy and mood! BiOptimizers - use our code BELOVED for 10% off supplements plus free gut health goodies! BIRTHFIT - use our code BELOVED to get one month FREE in the B! Community! Connect with Emily Greene: Instagram @EmilyTheMedium Website: EmilyTheMedium.com Emily The Medium Podcast Connect with me: Instagram @nathanrileyobgyn TikTok @nathanrileyobgyn Practice: BelovedHolistics.com Medical Disclaimer: The Holistic OBGYN Podcast is an educational program. No information conveyed through this podcast should be construed as medical advice. These conversations are available to the public for educational and entertainment purposes only. Music provided by EdvardGaresPremium / Pond5 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theholisticobgyn/message

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