#98 - Natasha Kingsbury: The Hidden Life of an Anorexic-Bulimic

For almost nine years, Natasha Kingsbury battled with bulimia. For years before that, she fought anorexia. The whole time, nobody knew. Her story highlights the fact that no one look signals an eating disorder. It could be the ultra-thin model, the ripped athlete, the guy always showing off his abs or the sexy Playboy Club host. Disordered eating and body dysmorphia are something I’m seeing come up more and more in my practice and among friends and family. It’s much more common than we think, and it shows up in unexpected ways. I am so delighted that I have a person in my life who's willing to come on and talk about this issue which is often kept under wraps. Tash's story is so illuminating, and she shared so many insights not only for people who may be struggling with disordered eating but also for those who think it might be affecting someone they love. [00:12:06] Background & Family Life [00:14:29] Natasha’s Origin Story [00:20:54] An Evolving Relationship with Self [00:28:22] From Restriction to Purging [00:35:24] Getting Off Track [00:42:29] Blossoming Into Her Womanly Body [00:48:50] The Healing Journey [00:57:16] A Mind-Body-Spirit Approach Visit the show notes for more: https://www.BelovedHolistics.com/98 Made possible by: FullWell - code BELOVED10 for 10% off the best prenatal vitamins and men's virility vitamins on the planet! Organifi - code BELOVED for 20% off their Pumpkin Spice Gold Latte! "It's like autumn, and a marshmallow had a baby!" BiOptimizers - code BELOVED for 10% off the only magnesium supplement you'll ever need! BIRTHFIT - code BELOVED to get one month FREE in their B! Community! Connect with Natasha Kingsbury Instagram @livingwiththekingsburys Connect with me Instagram @nathanrileyobgyn TikTok @nathanrileyobgyn Practice: BelovedHolistics.com Medical Disclaimer: The Holistic OBGYN Podcast is an educational program. No information conveyed through this podcast should be construed as medical advice. These conversations are available to the public for educational and entertainment purposes only. Music provided by EdvardGaresPremium / Pond5 --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/theholisticobgyn/message

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