Building Your Business - And How To Handle The Fear

Dennis Plintz, real estate agent, has 15 years of experience in Calgary’s market. Also an author, Dennis has currently published two books. Hustle: A Guide to the Ethical Art of Selling & Survival is part memoir, part sales bible, and all about the two most crucial ingredients to success: hustle and gratitude. Positively Sold: Buy Smarter, Sell Higher & Push Your Real Estate Agent to Hustle Harder is a practical guide for buyers and sellers as they navigate through the real estate process.

Om Podcasten

The Hustle Podcast for Realtors® is a series of direct and specific business coaching aimed at real estate agents trying to launch or expand their career. Dennis Plintz, real estate agent with Plintz Real Estate, has over 17 years of experience in Calgary’s market. He shares his experience in the industry with insights that can hopefully help you avoid the mistakes he's already made and push your business to the next level.