Episode 416 - Ed Stasium pt.1

This week is another epic two-parter with a legendary producer. This time we get to hear from legendary producer Ed Stasium! American punk rock may not have been what it was without the help of Ed Stasium. He's humble and says he's just a "knob turner", but there is magic in those hands. First of all he helped bring up the Ramones and in part one of this conversation we also discuss the Hoodoo Gurus, Peter Wolf, Living Colour, Marshall Crenshawm and Jeff Healey as well as many others. Ed's full of stories, so sit back and soak it in!  www.edstasium.com www.patreon.com/thehustlepod

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Every artist has a story. Whether big or small, they‘ve all seen the ups and downs and worked hard to maintain careers in music. We chat with some of the most interesting legacy artists in pop music and go in depth on their careers, how they feel about them, what it‘s like being a ”rock star” and also hear their best stories. If you‘re a music junkie you will love these long form conversations with beloved figures from your life.