#20: I Am Comitted to Civil Discourse- How to Talk About Politics Productively, Take Responsibility for What We Reshare, And Know Whats True with SharonSaysSo

Let’s take a moment of silence… For having made it through 2020- Yay! I am so excited to be back for season 2 of the I Am Podcast and if your year has been anything like mine- or the rest of the world- I know it hasn’t been the easiest. To start off the season, […]

Om Podcasten

Welcome to the I Am Podcast, hosted by Ashley LeMieux. In this show, Ashley will help you uncover the greatest power in your life: you! After going on her own healing journey, Ashley realized she was looking for a way out, when what she really needed was a way in, to fully uncover who she is. On the I Am Podcast, Ashley will be sharing tangible tools and inspiring interviews to help you create a clear pathway forward. Get ready to reframe your thoughts, reimagine your future, and reclaim your power.