#22 I Am Reading Your Internet Confessions- If you need a laugh, listen to this

If you need a laugh – then press play! You’re not going to believe some of these confessions that you all sent in! If you follow me on Instagram, then you would have seen these confessions roll in over the past couple of months. It all started with me sharing one of my deepest and […]

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Welcome to the I Am Podcast, hosted by Ashley LeMieux. In this show, Ashley will help you uncover the greatest power in your life: you! After going on her own healing journey, Ashley realized she was looking for a way out, when what she really needed was a way in, to fully uncover who she is. On the I Am Podcast, Ashley will be sharing tangible tools and inspiring interviews to help you create a clear pathway forward. Get ready to reframe your thoughts, reimagine your future, and reclaim your power.