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The In The Country Podcast: Episode #13 - Why now is a brilliant time to start planning your business.

av The In The Country Podcast | Publicerades 4/14/2020

This week, Hollie-Ella explores why now has never been a better time to start planning on launching your new business. Whether that's going all out and creating a fully fledged new business, launching a side-hustle or starting to act upon that fantastic business or product idea you've had brewing for years.This lockdown period has blessed us with one thing in particular; time. We now have the time to sit down, think, plan, map out and research our ideas.Here is a link to the business plan PDF by The Prince's Trust, Hollie-Ella mentions.You can follow Hollie-Ella on Instagram at: @inthecountryinsta or get in touch by sending an email to: info@inthecountrymagazine.comDon't forget to tag us in your screenshots on Instagram, rate, review subscribe and share this podcast if you're enjoying it!Take care, speak next week. X

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