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The In The Country Podcast: Episode #14 - Making the most of lockdown with Hollie-Ella

av The In The Country Podcast | Publicerades 4/21/2020

In this latest solo episode, Hollie-Ella explores how we can strive to make the most out of lockdown with a few tips and ideas to help boost our own productivity, mental wellbeing and physical health as well as some inspiration with regards to things to do to keep us busy and stay positive during this period as much as we can.30 things to do during lockdown - article here.Sophie Allport Woof Duvet as mentioned (not an affiliate link).

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Introducing the In The Country podcast. Each week, your host Hollie-Ella will share her latest podcast episode with you, from her own conversations of inspiration with others from farming to fieldsports and equestrian life to tips on entrepreneurship and using social media to grow a brand, there is always something to lose yourself in. So, what are you waiting for, let's dive on in!