Open Secret CEO Ahana Gautam

Join our WhatsApp Community here:  ~ Ahana Gautam is the co-founder and CEO of Open Secret, a Mumbai-based food and beverages startup that makes healthy snacks for families and children. She is a Harvard Business School and IIT Bombay Alum with close to a decade's experience in working with renowned FMCG organizations.   In this episode, Ahana walks us through her incredible journey, from her personal childhood experiences with junk food, to IIT Bombay and Harvard Business School, to working with P&G, before launching Open Secret. Ahana talks about her vision of 'un-junking family snacking', how her consumption goods startup is attracting the eyes of investors in a tech-first world, and the future of Open Secret.    ~ 🎙️ Discover some of India's next best analytical 🤖 and creative 🎭 minds who are not only transforming their own fields but at the same revolutionizing India's entrepreneurial ecosystem! 🛰️ New episodes every 2 weeks. #TheIndianautPodcast​​​​ #Indianaut​​​​     • Host: Gautam Marwah • Editor: Pranav Suneja (   • Intro Music: Ladybirds Mate by Rachel K Collier   ~ Do follow us on our social media handles for regular updates on the latest episodes.   • Instagram:​​​​ • Facebook:​​​​ • Twitter:​​​

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