Polygon (MATIC) CEO Jaynti Kanani

Join our WhatsApp Community here: https://bit.ly/IndianautWA1 ~ Jaynti Kanani (JD) is the co-founder and CEO of Polygon, a made-in-India cryptocurrency protocol that has a market capitalization of over 5 billion dollars. Polygon, backed by angel investors Balaji Srinivasan & Mark Cuban, aims to provide scalability to the Ethereum blockchain and is among the top 20 crypto-tokens globally.  In one of the most inspiring stories we have covered on our podcast, JD tells us about his origin story, including his rise to crypto leadership from humble origins. JD tells us about Polygon's philosophy and the problem they're solving in the Ethereum space, Polygon's long-term vision, the current cryptocurrency environment, NFTs and the Metaverse, and his advice for aspiring Indian entrepreneurs who want to build in the crypto space.  - JD's Origin Story - Polygon's Philosophy & Long-term Vision   - Cryptocurrency Market in 2021 - NFTs & the Metaverse - Advice for Aspiring Indian Entrepreneurs in the Crypto Space ~ 🎙️ Discover some of India's next best analytical 🤖 and creative 🎭 minds who are not only transforming their own fields but at the same revolutionizing India's entrepreneurial ecosystem! 🛰️ New episodes every 2 weeks. #TheIndianautPodcast​​​​ #Indianaut​​​​ • Host: Gautam Marwah • Editor: Pranav Suneja (https://www.instagram.com/pranav.eja)   • Intro Music: Ladybirds Mate by Rachel K Collier ~ Do follow us on our social media handles for regular updates on the latest episodes. • Instagram: http://instagram.com/indianaut.in​​​​ • Facebook: http://facebook.com/indianaut.in​​​​ • Twitter: https://twitter.com/indianaut​​​

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