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134. 11 VERY Challenging English Names to Pronounce

av The InFluency Podcast | Publicerades 6/22/2021

Are you pronouncing these names correctly? Barbara? Arthur? Siobhan? Not sure how to pronounce these names or you find it really challenging with all the R’s and TH’s?! This episode is for you. Join me on an 11-minute journey through these 11 challenging names to pronounce if English is your second (or third, or fourth) language: Arthur Rory Cory Jonathan Carl Ethan Barbara Aaron and Erin Joaquin Deirdre Siobhan The Schwa: How One TINY Sound Can Make a HUGE Difference If you want to improve your accent and understand spoken English better, download my free American Accent audio crash course: You can also download an interactive list of 50 of the most mispronounced words in English and master the pronunciation of those tricky words: Join our Facebook community to connect with non-native English learners from all over the world:

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The InFluency podcast is your go-to resource for learning, speaking and teaching English. Hadar Shemesh is a pronunciation expert and fluency coach with thousands of students around the world, though she herself was an intermediate speaker of English once. In this podcast she will share her best strategies for learning English, speaking English with confidence and mastering the American accent. Discover how becoming fluent has everything to do with acquiring the right mindset, setting goals and learning how to overcome challenges. Hadar will also share her teaching philosophy and techniques to support English teachers looking to help their students become fluent.