Episode 114: Skip the line, quantum leap your creativity, shatter your glass ceiling and step into your highest artistic identity, a special training for The Art Queens

Book a single coaching session with Jessica: CLICK HERE The Luminary Artist Academy:  EXPLORE THE COURSE AND ENROLL TODAY. Get the free guide to selling your art online authentically: https://mailchi.mp/7c170ff7dde9/the-definitive-guide-to-authentically-increasing-your-online-art-sales In this TRANSFORMATIONAL episode, Jessica Libor presents a special training to the online community of The Art Queens with the presentation co-facilitated by Ekaterina Popova.  This training will help you "skip the line" of always applying to opportunities and instead be invited into opportunities for your art.  It also focuses on shattering your glass ceiling of self-limiting beliefs about what is possible for you in your career.  Jessica also guides listeners through a meditation of living in their highest artistic identity.  There is also a generous Q and A section recorded.  Jessica originally presented this training to The Art Queens community in the summer of 2022.  Learn more about The Art Queens by visiting https://www.artqueens.co/  or by visiting their Instagram @theartqueens  Learn more about Jessica's artwork here: https://www.jessicalibor.com ~ Explore courses and coaching for artists here:  https://www.thevisionaryartistssalon.com ~ Explore and enroll for the Luminary Artist Academy here: https://www.thevisionaryartistssalon.com/luminary-artist-academy  Contact Jessica at jlibor@jessicalibor.com or on Instagram at @jessicaliborstudio and @thevisionaryartistssalon --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/inspiredpainter/support

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