Episode 118: Letting a place inspire you: my artist residency in Scotland with the Muses Escape

In this solo episode, Jessica shares her experience with her recent magical artist residency in a remote location in Scotland with 24 other female artists part of the Muses Escape. She also shares three tips that you can use in your own practice to take a lot of inspiration from a place, wether it be your hometown, a residency you participate in, or even a solo trip to your dream destination! Sign up for REINVENTION workshop: CLICK HERE Find out more about the Muses Escape: CLICK HERE Book a single coaching session with Jessica: CLICK HERE The Luminary Artist Academy:  EXPLORE THE COURSE AND ENROLL TODAY. Get the free guide to selling your art online authentically: https://mailchi.mp/7c170ff7dde9/the-definitive-guide-to-authentically-increasing-your-online-art-sales Learn more about Jessica's artwork here: https://www.jessicalibor.com ~ Explore courses and coaching for artists here:  https://www.thevisionaryartistssalon.com ~ Explore and enroll for the Luminary Artist Academy here: https://www.thevisionaryartistssalon.com/luminary-artist-academy  Contact Jessica at jlibor@jessicalibor.com or on Instagram at @jessicaliborstudio and @thevisionaryartistssalon --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/inspiredpainter/support

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