Anastasia Casey: Managing Your Interior Design Business

Today's episode of The Interior Collective is all about Managing Your Interior Design Business - from the softwares we swear by to the intimate workings of hiring, benefits, company policies and managing HR. We’re covering a lot. In This Episode, I'm covering: Our favorite client management software, Dubsado Why we insist on using Google Drive, not Dropbox Filing organization and naming conventions Team communication + inbox zero Why you should be using Canva Interior design studio job descriptions + titles Defining company policies + benefits Studio Handbooks New Hire Tutorials + Checklist In full transparency, I spent the majority of 2021 hashing out every detail of my business, defining our company culture, putting new policies in place and building up industry leading benefits for my team. We were lucky enough to bring in a corporate strategist to help us research, define and implement the most useful practices of large companies, on a small scale. This year, we’ve put it all to paper and created a plug and play template for you to adapt in your own design firm.   A quality company culture and smoothly operating business is key to profitability and longevity. Skip back to Episode 2 as I break down the perfect Client Experience for interior designers, but today we’ll pick up where that leaves off with automations and key softwares. I wish I could tell you there is one software program that we suggest for everything but that is just not the case, and I am ok with that. I would rather use a program that was really good at a couple things, than a program that tries to do so much, it doesn’t do anything well.   Before we dig in, just a reminder that today's full transcript, show notes, links and products are all available on our website at I encourage you to listen now, then go back and read to make notes.   That’s enough intro - let’s dig into our must have softwares, starting with my personal favorite, Dubsado.   IDCO would not exist today without Dubsado and as I’ve learned more from our interior design clients and their process, I’ve figured out the best way to utilize Dubsado for interior designers. Before using

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