Episode 1 - Tariq Mahmoud, Head of International at Reddit

Hello and a very warm welcome to this inaugural episode of the International Expansion Podcast!  On this podcast, we talk with the people responsible for taking their companies into new international markets. They share their best practices, what they got right and wrong, and valuable hindsight so that we can all learn from their experience. In this episode, Tariq Mahmoud describes what it takes and means for Reddit to enter new markets. He also shares some of his learnings from taking on similar roles at Roku and Verizon Media. Here's what we cover: The international team at Reddit - size, reporting, growth; Reddit's DAU and international growth; How the product is localized for new markets; How markets are prioritized; Keeping stakeholders on the same page (literally) using Decision Documents (love this!); Managing across timezones and languages; Implementing matrix management; Getting into the role of International GM - what it takes, how it happens; Resources on expansion and and the CAGE Distance Framework; The hardest markets to enter - Japan and China; Biggest surprise learning, and getting C-suite buy-in

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Welcome to the International Expansion podcast. My name is Ramsey Pryor, and I spent the past five years taking one of Silicon Valley's fastest growing startups into new markets all around the world. Tech companies are able to expand overseas faster than ever before. But there's quite a lot that goes into getting it right, and each new market has its own unique and fascinating set of quirks and challenges. The best way to prepare is to learn from people who have been there before, so I started this podcast to gather the best practices from tech's most admired startups.