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The situation right now in Stockholm

av The Jacques Lafferty podcast | Publicerades 3/25/2020

I’m planning to do a series of podcasts with my friends living in different cities to get a feeling of what they’re going through right now. What are the rules right now in the city? In what way are the social norms of the culture affected and how are people taking it? How’s the general atmosphere? And so on.

So far, I have only done one episode with my good friend Knut, who is one of the smartest and most educated people I know. He actually warned me about the virus way before Sweden got its first case. 

The plan was to talk about the situation in Stockholm where we live, but because he has so much knowledge about the subject, we discussed more than just how Sweden is handling the crises. 

Neither Knut or I, are used to making podcasts, and this is the first podcast where I’m in charge of the equipment and editing, so please be patient and bear with us through the entire episode, for I promise that Knut has a lot of valuable and interesting information (especially towards the end).

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