Mailbag: From Colombia to the UK, Jane Answers Hopecaster Messages About Solving Big Problems by Starting with a Small Change

In this episode of the Hopecast, Dr. Goodall is joined by her good friend Ruth Mendelson, award winning composer, author and humanitarian (Ruth helped create the music for the Hopecast!). They have worked closely throughout their decades long friendship and Jane wrote the foreword for Ruth’s book, The Water Tree Way. Together, they listen to messages from Hopecasters from around the world about the ways Dr. Goodall has inspired them to dream up projects and efforts to help in their communities - proving that sometimes simple steps can make a big, positive footprint for the planet. Isabella, a 14-year-old from Bogotá, Colombia, shares that caring about animals and the environment is her motivation to create change. Louise from the UK reflects on the importance of education and how Dr. Goodall’s tireless persistence keeps her motivated in her activism. Ruth shares her conviction to be a part of the solution and Jane reminds us “how resilient nature is. Give nature a chance, perhaps a bit of help, and nature will come back.” Hey Hopecasters! Submit your own questions and comments for a chance to be included in a future Mailbag episode here.

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