Season 2 of The Hopecast is Coming Soon

In December of 2020, Dr. Jane Goodall introduced the first season of the Hopecast amidst one of the worst pandemics in our time. Finding herself no longer able to safely share her message of hope by traveling the world as she’d done for the better part of 40 years, the world-renowned activist didn’t let that stop her. She reinvented herself as Virtual Jane, and without ever leaving her childhood home in Bournemouth, England, recorded intimate conversations with humans who have dedicated their lives to helping people, animals, and the planet. Soon, what started as a way for Jane to maintain the important connections she cherishes so deeply turned into a global movement. Since the show’s launch, Hopecasters from 131 countries have tuned in to hear her speak with extraordinary people such as Dave Matthews, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, and Craig Foster. Jane also experienced the ability to connect with people meaningfully through our mailbag episodes, in which she responds to thoughtful submissions from Hopecasters all over the world. Nearly a year later, we're still struggling with the pandemic, and we still need hope. In this second season, Jane returns to continue building a supportive community that can turn hope into action to build a better world. In anticipation for this next collection of conversations, listen to the trailer to hear Jane’s inspiring voice and some of the most exciting clips from season 1.

Om Podcasten

Scientist. Activist. Storyteller. Icon. Jane Goodall blazed the trail and changed the world. Now, she's studying new subjects – humans! This brand-new podcast will take listeners on a one-of –a-kind journey as they learn from Dr. Goodall's extraordinary life, hear from changemaking guests from every arena, and become awed by a growing movement sparked by Jane and fueled by hope. Join us as we get curious, grow compassion and take action to build a better world for all.