Nick Finzer - Live at Blue Whale in Los Angeles, CA

"On today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live, you get to hear a set from the Blue Whale in Los Angeles, CA by the award-winning composer, producer, entrepreneur, educator and trombonist Nick Finzer recorded on March 8th 2020. Trombonist Nick Finzer was joined by Lucas Pino on tenor saxophone, Miro Sprague on piano, Alex Boneham on bass and Dan Schnelle on drums.. They presented Nick Finzer original compositions from their latest album “Cast of Characters” (released on Outside In Music, which Nick Finzer founded in 2013). NICK FINZER Nick Finzer (trombone) Lucas Pino (tenor saxophone) Miro Sprague (piano) Alex Boneham (bass) Dan Schnelle (drums) All tracks composed by Nick Finzer All tracks recorded live at Blue Whale in Los Angeles, CA on March 8th 2020 00:00 - The Jazz Hole Live with Linus 02:10 - A Duke - Nick Finzer 11:29 - Brutus, the Contemporary - Nick Finzer 20:38 - The Jazz Hole Live with Linus 22:01 - You’ll Never Know (the Alternative) - Nick Finzer 33:27 - While You’re Gone - Nick Finzer 43:13 - The Jazz Hole Live with Linus 44:05 - The Weatherman - Nick Finzer 57:44 - The Jazz Hole Live with Linus 58:44 - The Evolution of Perspective - Nick Finzer 70:46 - Finish "

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This is the sister show to The Jazz Hole, featuring live recorded sets on every second Thursday of the month, curated by Linus Wyrsch, a sought-after clarinetist and saxophonist, himself, who embraces a unique relationship with the jazz genre and its musicians, consequently providing the listeners with a backstage pass to the New York jazz scene.