283 - Managing your Nerves in Sales Presentations with Marianna Swallow

Presentation and speaking skills coach Marianna Swallow shares tactical, actionable strategies that you can use today to get better at managing your nerves during web design presentations or sales meetings.In This Episode0 0:00 - Overcoming Nervousness in Public Speaking 05:05 - The Importance of Public Speaking 15:12 - Importance of Nervousness in Public Speaking 19:17 - Manage Nerves in Public Speaking 32:37 - Managing Nerves and Finding Confidence 42:27 - Calibrating and Scaling Energy for Presentations 47:49 - Pressure to Know Everything in Work 53:53 - Overcoming Anxiety in Presentations 1:03:48 - The Fear of Public Speaking Get all links, resources and show notes at:https://joshhall.co/283Early access to my new course "Scale Your Way" is open now!!Go to joshhall.co/scale for your special early access offer 🎉Join Web Designer Pro™ before we hit the 250 member cap!https://joshhall.co/pro

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