Rescued from Self-Destruction with Benjamin Pitts

In this episode, Jonathan sits down for a conversation with his identical twin brother, Benjamin Pitts, who recently relocated his family of five from New Jersey to Colorado.The twin brothers talk candidly about the beauty of their upbringing, the trap of self-righteousness and the rescue that is necessary for anyone to find the grace of Jesus experientially, regardless of how closely they were raised to know Him cognitively. Ben Pitts is an entrepreneurial leader and has spent the last decade building technology and organizations that help people make better personal financial decisions.  As an entrepreneur, he co-founded and helps lead three businesses in the financial planning and technology space. Ben graduated from US Military Academy at West Point and holds an MBA from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. 

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Life is a journey. There are some really high highs and some really low lows. But it’s in the very hardest of places where the real decision is made: will we walk out our days with hopelessness or relentlessly pursue God despite our setbacks? Jonathan shares his real-life story of love, life, and loss with refreshing vulnerability and engaging candor. Join Jonathan on The Journey as he helps you make better sense of yours.