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Episode #15 - Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965)

They know, trust us- the doctor is really Frankenstein, not the monster. But in this episode, David and Chris get into more serious matters, such as: what does it mean to be a human being? How do we determine quality of life? And why is there such thing as kaiju rule 34? Joining the duo this week is Michael Hamilton, also known as the Kaiju Groupie. Make sure to check out the podcast he helps out with, Kaiju Weekly. Also, shout out to Erik for providing the new outro music. His music can be listened to and purchased here. For more information about our discussion on the death penalty, Kelly Gissendaner, and Jurgen Moltmann you can check out these links.

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The Kaiju Apostle Podcast is what happens when two seminarians dive into Toho's deep, rich history of monster films and discover what lies beneath the surface. Whether you’re a hardcore or casual fan, or somewhere in between, if you’ve ever thought there must be something more to these movies than people in rubber suits, then this show is for you. For more information, including music credits, please visit