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Minisode 005: Wicker Kittens

av The Keto Kult Pod | Publicerades 2/4/2020

Liz and Colin discuss a documentary about... a puzzle competition? Or at least they try to discuss it. Lots of laugh breaks when they couldn't keep it together.  Would you love to help us pay our bills? Buy us a cup of coffee! Music license available upon request. Find us on Instagram: @theketokultpod @keto.colin @liz.everfasting --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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The ONLY keto comedy podcast that treats Keto like the Kult it is! Join us as we stumble through what's trending in the keto world, dive deep into the books, films and culture surrounding this way of life. Hosted by Colin (@keto.colin) and Liz (@liz.everfasting)! Support this podcast: