100 - How to Find LOVE in Vancouver - w/ Shauna Green

🎙️💕 Dive into the world of love and relationships with Shauna Green! As a successful dating coach and the mastermind behind "Say Goodbye to Single," Shauna navigates the intricate web of Vancouver's dating scene, infamously dubbed as one of the most challenging cities to find love in. Despite her self-proclaimed shyness, Shauna unveils her personal key to transcending comfort zones and unearthing the love she always desired. Be inspired by her journey and pick up invaluable insights to enrich your own. Tune in now, your path to enduring love might just be a podcast away! Connect with Shauna @ "SayGoodbyeToSingle.com"

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For over two decades Kid Carson has stood as an iconic figure in Vancouver radio, waking up the city with his charisma and warmth. Many grew up listening to Kid as part of their daily soundtrack, creating a unique bond with him that Kid is especially grateful for. His show is an exploration into the many facets of personal growth, covering psychology, spirituality, relationships, health, parenting, and mental well-being. It's enriched by insightful interviews with local legends and lively discussions on trending topics.