101 - The Soul Contract - with Ana Warner

We welcome the Vancouver-based author Ana Warner, known for her twin masterpieces which tell the same incredible story, but from the contrasting perspectives of a man and a woman.  Ana skillfully navigates us through the shared journey these characters co-create, offering a unique exploration into the often uncharted terrains of the human experience. Our conversation delves into the profound subjects that Ana so eloquently articulates in her work - complexities of forgiveness, the journey of healing, the path to spiritual growth, and the powerful role of divine timing in life's transformative stages. We also have the privilege of getting to know Ana on a more personal level, appreciating her insights on the concept of manifestation and her captivating stories about the subconscious mind. We were so engrossed that I didn't want the conversation to end! Before you grab a copy of her novels - 'The Soul Contract' and 'The Soul Union', let's jump into this enlightening conversation with the brilliant Ana Warner.

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